Poultry Pests

An Effective Insecticide

Kills Poultry Pests

Lice, Mites, Darkling Beetles, Lesser Mealworms

INSECTO is an Effective Insecticide for use in Breeder & Broiler Poultry Houses; Controlling Bug Pests like those listed above and more.
INSECTO can be applied BEFORE and AFTER bird placement.

Insecto an insecticide for control of grain insects and house insects and is OMRI Listed for organic production.

E.P.A. Reg. # 48598-1

For more information, please call:

(800) 332-2002

Lice 100% 100%
Mites 100% 100%
Darkling Beetles 100% 100%
Lesser Mealworms 100% 100%