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An Insecticide for Control of Grain Insects.

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Treat an empty bin in less than a minute!

  1. Clean the bin.
  2. Measure the INSECTO.
  3. Turn on the aeration fan that blows into the bin.
  4. Pour INSECTO into the air flow as fast as the fan will allow.
  5. When dust starts blowing out the top of the bin, turn off the fan — you’re finished!

Warehouses and buildings

Dust all floors, walls and ceilings with INSECTO at a rate of 1 pound per 1,000 sq. ft. of surface area. Make sure dust is placed in known areas of infestation and entry points where insects hide, such as wall bases, cracks, crevices, doors and plenums.

Treating/protecting of stored grain

INSECTO, at the rate of up to 1-2 pounds/ton of grain, can be safely applied to the grain at the time of storage. Treat the top 2-3 feet of grain in bins, applying INSECTO at the recommended rate.

Grain surface protectant/treatment

Immediately after the bin is filled and the grain is leveled, apply INSECTO as a surface treatment at a rate of 4 pounds/1000sq. ft. (a 24 ft. bin requires only 2 pounds of INSECTO). This “top dressing” will act as a protective barrier from migrating insects which enter the bin from the top.
To control accessible stages of Indian meal moth and anguomois moths, apply at monthly intervals upon their first appearance. In cases of severe infestation, break up webbing with a rake before dusting and apply a second application within two weeks thereafter.
INSECTO is derived from saltwater diatomaceous earth (DE). It is refined to INSECTO’s specifications maximizing its insect-killing benefits.
INSECTO is an odorless and non-staining powder (dust) and is effective at killing insects as long as it is present and kept dry. INSECTO is non-explosive.

Commodities that can be treated with INSECTO

INSECTO can be used on stored wheat, corn, barley, rice, buckwheat, oats, flax, peas, sorghum (Milo), feed, seed, rye, soybeans, popcorn, peanuts, cocoa beans, feed grains and dry edible beans.

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Insects susceptible to INSECTO

INSECTO kills exposed stages of the following stored grain insects: rice weevil, granary weevil, flat grain beetle, rusty grain beetle, sawtoothed grain beetle, merchant grain beetle, lesser grain beetle, lesser grain borer, larger grain borer, red flour beetle, cigarette beetle, angoumois grain moths, darling beetles, lessor meal worms.
INSECTO is also effective on the newly-hatched larvae of stored grain insects such as indian meal moth, red flour beetle and sawtoothed grain beetle.

Make INSECTO an Essential Part of Your Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM)

  • Confused Grain Beetle
  • Prevention Plus Protection Equals PROFITS!!!
  • E.P.A. Registration No. 48598-1
  • Stored grain IPM involves replacing some or all insecticide application with insect control practices such as sanitation, aeration and the use of natural resources (such as INSECTO) as alternatives to pesticides.
  • No license required to buy and use INSECTO on your grain and bins.
  • Maintain weed-free surroundings around grain storage.
  • Clean empty grain storage area of grain debris; treat walls, ceilings and floors with INSECTO.
  • Clean combine headers, augers, conveyor belts and grain transporting equipment; treat with INSECTO before contact with grain.
  • Monitor insects with traps.
  • Follow aeration schedules specific to your area.
  • Do not mix new grain with old grain.
  • Reduce pesticide use by making INSECTO an essential part of your stored grain IPM.

How INSECTO Kills Insects

INSECTO is an alternative to the insecticides on the market today that kill using chemicals. INSECTO kills insects physically (rather than chemically) by puncturing their bodies, absorbing the body fluids and causing their deaths by dehydration. INSECTO’s active ingredient is saltwater Diatomaceous Earth (DE, A Natural Pesticide / Organic Insecticide), the skeletal remains of plankton, which is allowed by the FDA in human and animal food products in concentrations of up to 2% of weight. INSECTO is registered (EPA Reg #48598-1) for use in the control of the major grain insects (e.g., moths, weevils, beetles, etc) on all of the major grains (e.g., wheat, corn, rice, barley, etc). INSECTO is a very fine, dry dust which attaches to adult and larvae insects as they crawl through treated grain and dusted bins; the insects die from dehydration within 1-14 days after exposure.

The picture on the left shows an antennae tip of a flat grain beetle, untreated. The picture on the right shows antennae tip of a flat grain beetle after exposure to grain treated with INSECTO.

Insecto is the perfect solution.

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